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Three Healthcare Trends Influencing Design

Current healthcare design trends grow out of the needs of patients, their families, and healthcare professionals. Tangram Interiors integrates these three trends into its collaboration with clients: residential warmth, infection control, and bariatric care.

Residential Warmth

Patients are most at ease and feel least stressed in an environment that feels as homelike as possible. This feeling begins as soon as patients enter the facility. Comfortable furniture arranged in conversation groups is more welcoming than lines of office chairs, for example. In patients’ rooms many facilities make smart choices with smaller spaces. Furniture that gives the appearance of a matched set and has multiple uses, charging stations for digital media, and easy electrical access are welcoming touches.

Infection Control

As health facilities confront more drug resistant organisms, infection control must be considered in all parts of the design of facilities. Fabric choice – even antimicrobial fabrics, easily cleanable flooring, and furniture style each have a role in controlling infection. For example, the same versatile and stylish furniture enabling a patient to feel at home; also, must have an easily cleanable surfaces, clean lines, and rounded corners.

Bariatric Care

The Centers for Disease Control states that the number of adults who were overweight or obese reached nearly 70% in 2011 to 2012 in the United States. Bariatric care is a growing part of health care and comes with a distinct set of challenges. Furniture for bariatric patient care and visiting family, for example, must take both the weight and mobility of overweight adults into account. Tangram Interiors has ideas for both comfort and needs. For example, Tangram has featured the Empath™ recliner. This recliner enables any patient to sit comfortably and safely, but still allows the caregiver to interact with the patient.

Healthcare design comes with a unique sets of challenges and rewards. We have experienced and talented consultants who know healthcare design. Please, contact us with your plans, questions, and ideas.

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