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Education Trends Dictate Environmental Demands

Current educational trends point us toward a need for a collaborative approach to teaching and to learning, and this includes a space filled with vibrant and comfortable surroundings, allowing students to engage with their peers in a new-aged sort of think-tank, one that promotes idea exchange, easy access to classmates and to technology, all while providing students with the sense of personal space young adults crave. That is just what Tangram has aimed to create: an interior design space suited for active learners with both curricular endeavors and creature comforts in mind, and the results are staggering!

Bright colors ranging from yellow to blue to orange pop on random statement pieces, as clean lines form study tables and islands around which student groups may congregate. What it is: ample visual interest; What it is not: sensory overload. Cushy benches and upholstered chairs merge with high-end, durable workstations, accommodating individual, group, and collaborative study.

These cozy lounges and study pods, seen on college campuses and in the libraries of some of the most progressive high schools in America, are catering to the ever-growing trends following the fields of secondary and post-secondary education. Gone are winding Ivies and long, oaken tables in silent libraries. Gone are ratty couches and uninviting dining lounges of yesteryear. Today’s students crave a warm, vivid, bright, and inviting spaces. The globalization of their learning and the collaborative nature of their courses and subsequent work ensure students won’t stay holed up in the library, sitting in front of a computer screen, typing away silently. Nor will the typical student be found under a tree on the quad, anxiously studying solo for his next chemistry final. From physics to philosophy, English to engineering, today’s students are seeking a different kind of education, and Tangram is following these educational trends, creating the kinds of environments where students of all ages can thrive.

If you’re interested in seeing how Tangram can help your institution connect to its students and help those students reach their highest potential in an environment that fosters center-based and collaborative learning.Contact us.

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