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Technology Trends and Buzz Words: What You Need to Know!

Every day, it seems as though we’re getting new technology terms…and sometimes, the number of terms is incongruent with the sheer speed in which technology is updated! With this in mind, then, we’ve come up with some of the latest trends and buzzwords in technology today that you need to be aware of, especially as we move forward into a more technologically advanced world!

  • App Communication: as we move towards a more mobile world — a world, then, away from the desktops and laptops and towards phones and tablets — we’ll be using more and more apps to get our work done, and to streamline our communication. It makes sense, then, that our apps would communicate with one another, hence this new term for 2016.
  • Device Mesh: further along the lines of an increasingly mobile form of communication, it makes sense that our mobile devices — our phones, our smartwatches, our tablets, our peripheral devices — should all be in some form of “synchronized communication” with one another. This is where the term “device mesh” comes from.
  • Deep Learning: this is a term that’s used to refer to a computer that analyzes data with little to no human supervision. This is not to be confused with artificial intelligence. While computers have been doing this, in some form or another, since the beginning of their creation, “deep learning” refers to processes of automation that allow for such things as self-driving cars. (You can read more about deep learning here.)

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