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Three Healthcare Trends that are Reshaping the Patient Care Environment

The ongoing evolution of the healthcare industry has led to the development of increasingly portable devices, the adoption of electronic health records, and a higher demand for MRI-compatible equipment. Below is a look at three healthcare trends that are reshaping the healthcare environment and delivery of care to patients.

Portable Medical Devices Are on the Rise 

In the 1990s, it was common for most medical devices to be stationary or fixed within the operating area or patient room. Devices were heavy and bulky, with patient monitors and defibrillators often weighing over 20 pounds. Today’s healthcare environment offers a stark contrast, with many devices weighing less than 10 pounds to facilitate transport. Portable anesthesia machines are also on the rise as mobile anesthesiology becomes more prevalent in the surgery center environment.

Hospitals and Surgery Centers are Increasingly Using Electronic Health Records 

The use of electronic health records (EHRs) in healthcare facilities is steadily increasing across the United States. While the initial cost of an EHR system can seem staggering to some healthcare providers, the long-term benefits and cost savings are driving more providers to adopt EHR systems. The impact on the healthcare environment is evidenced by the presence of mobile data entry stations in individual patient rooms and the ability to retrieve patient data across facilities more quickly.

The Demand for MRI-Compatible Medical Devices is Growing 

Patients are undergoing MRIs at a greater rate compared to past years. This trend has resulted in a growing need for medical devices that are constructed of components that will not interfere with the MRI process. Accordingly, medical device manufacturers are expanding their production of MRI-compatible anesthesia machines, monitors and ventilators.

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