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Pay Attention to Five Workplace Health Patterns

We all do it.  We are focusing intently at our computer or workstation and realize we are slouching.  We correct ourselves, straighten up, but we revert to our previous position in no time.  Posture.  Good posture is important for workplace health.  Poor posture can cause lower back pain and has the potential to become chronic if ignored.  It’s important to keep your keyboard close to you and have your feet flat on the ground.  While exercising, incorporate abdominal exercises into your workout.

Again, we all do it.  The document or spreadsheet with rows and rows of numbers is so riveting we just can’t look away.  Eye strain.  Dry eyes, blurriness, or burning are all symptoms of eye strain.  Take a break.  Close your eyes for a couple of seconds and remember to blink while you’re working.  Take a walk around the office to get away from your computer screen for a few minutes.

It’s everywhere.  Bacteria.  Why wouldn’t it be on our workstations?  Some of us spend a good chunk of our day at our desks.  Wipe down your desk area, keyboard, mouse, phone, and surfaces you touch.  A good tip to staying healthy and avoiding the cold going around the office is to make it a habit to clean your workstation once a week.

Everyone has it.  Stress.  It’s very important to cope with stress in a healthy manner.  If not, it can lead to physical and mental health problems.  Exercising, socializing with friends, and counseling are all ways to manage the stress that is so inevitable.

Eating lunch at your desk today?  Try not to make a habit of this.  Studies have shown that eating a your desk can make it more difficult to develop ideas.  It can also effect your confidence and energy levels at work.  Change your environment for  thirty minutes or so.  Take a walk outside and have a picnic lunch or eat in the lunch room.

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