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Fantastic Ways the Right Commerical Flooring Benefits Your Business

Making upgrades to the office is all part of owning or managing a business. Without regular maintenance and occasional improvements to the business, it will eventually begin to look run down. One area that requires attention is the flooring. The right commerical flooring can have a positive impact on your business and employees. Let’s look at ways commercial flooring is used in business to promote health, safety, and well-being.


Commercial sheet flooring for germ control in healthcare

Healthcare facilities have varied needs. Disease and germ control are priorities in hospitals, so sheet flooring that is easy to sanitize is most practical. Many of the commercial sheet flooring options imitate hardwood making them attractive and modern-looking.


Carpet designs and colors promote well-being

Healthcare facilities are also concerned with a patient’s well-being. The use of patterns and colors in carpeting, walls, and furniture are designed to soothe patients while they recover. Color, texture, and patterns may be weaved together to evoke a calming atmosphere which will aid in the patient’s comfort. Take a look at how this healthcare facility used carpeting to create a dash of cheerfulness for its littlest patients.


Commercial carpeting for allergy sufferers

Many people think carpeting is a problem for allergies or asthma, but actually, this is misinformation. Carpeting, if regularly vacuumed, is better for allergy sufferers because dust and debris will be drawn to the carpet where it can then be vacuumed out. Otherwise, it tends to float around in the air, posing a potential problem.



The safety of your employees and clients is important and should be factored into your commercial flooring decision. Fortunately, you have options. Carpeting allows for a solid traction reducing falls. Additionally, if someone does fall, the carpeting is padded which helps cushion the fall. However, if you really love the look and design of tile, there are “slip retardant” tiles, as well. The tiles come with particles or granules embedded within the tile, providing a traction-like surface.


Upgrading your commercial flooring is a great investment. It increases the value of your business. At Tangram Interiors, we would love to help you decide which option is right for your business. Contact us today and we can discuss flooring choices!

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