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Have You Considered These Ideas for Your Healthcare Environment?

Being in the healthcare field is rewarding and challenging. Ensuring the healthcare environment is conducive to your overall goals for patient comfort, as well as their families is a priority. As you plan your healthcare décor, here are 3 things to consider.


Disease prevention and/or containment

A hospital is a place where, obviously, a lot of germs and diseases abound. Preventing the spread of germs is a key element in healthcare environments. From the sanitization of instruments to the special type of commercial flooring healthcare professionals invest in, it is important to consider the options. In certain areas of the hospital, tile flooring allows for easier sanitization, while in other parts of the hospital there is not as much risk for the spread of germs.


The need for waiting room flexibility

When someone is in the hospital, it is a difficult time for the loved ones who are waiting. Often times, the wait may be long and ensuring their comfort is top priority. Additionally, families have different needs when in a waiting room or lobby area. Some families are large and like to sit close together to talk. Others prefer to spread out, with each having separate private time. Then you have smaller families and their dynamic. The healthcare environment needs the flexibility to accommodate every family sufficiently. Sectional couches that are moveable are useful for certain parts of the room, while stationary loveseats, modern ergonomic chairs, and couches work wonderfully with other parts of the hospital.


Catering to the patient’s needs

Above all, in a healthcare setting, physicians and staff must remember the goal is the patient and his or her well-being. There are many interior decorating designs that enhance the patient experience. These include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Use of color, wall, and flooring patterns to boost patient well-being.
  • Special patient rooms for terminal illness care. These rooms can be equipped with audio-visual features to bring soothing to the patient.
  • Paintings on the wall calm patients and bring hope.
  • Skylights for natural lighting to bring calmness.


Healthcare environments that create spaces that are comforting, relaxing, and safe is a winning combination for patients and their families. At Tangram Interiors, we specialize in designing healthcare environments that delight both patient and staff. For more information about this topic, please contact us today!

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