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Three Healthcare Environment Design Trends

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Not too long ago it seemed as though all health care facilities had an “antiseptic” feeling with visually dull rooms, minimalist furniture and outdated colors schemes. Every patient-centered area looked pretty much the same.

Times have changed.  Today hospital and medical office administrators understand that inviting, aesthetically pleasing interior spaces can lead to a better patient experience.  Design trends have evolved to create soothing interior health care environments that facilitate healing while at the same time providing the functionality that medical staff requires.

What are these new health care design trends?  Here are just three of the latest.

Warm, Inviting Waiting Areas

In the past most medical office and hospital waiting areas had linoleum floors, clusters of identical chairs and monotonous colors. Today’s waiting areas are more sophisticated and feature warm colors, soothing textures and comfortable, visually pleasing furniture. They create an inviting first impression, helping put patients at ease from the minute that they walk in the door.

Environmentally-Friendly Community Spaces

Environmentally friendly community spaces such as reception areas and visitor cafeterias were once just health care facility afterthoughts. Today they are an integral part of the overall health care experience for both patients and their loved ones. Community spaces now feature open ceilings, abundant natural light, gardens and other greenery.  This design trend creates a comfortable ambiance and helps health care facilities feel less intimidating.

New Chapel Designs

Hospital chapels are undergoing a design revolution, becoming more than just places of worship. These traditionally quiet spaces are now hosting community gatherings, memorials and even weddings. New design features include movable furniture, floor to ceiling windows with electronically controlled shades and angular glass panels. As chapels become more functional for more purposes, they serve and comfort more people every day.

If you are ready to update your health care spaces, then please contact us. Our skilled, professional staff is waiting to assist and looks forward to working with you.

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