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Healthcare Environments – Focus on the Physical

Historically, healthcare environments have the reputation of being cold, impersonal, and even dehumanizing. These are the spaces where personal identity is lost and replaced by a number. The patient feels isolated within our massive, complicated healthcare industry. Physicians push people through, being compensated and incentivized for seeing more patients. This environment breeds feelings of vulnerability, apprehension, and a lack of trust.


New expectations

Today’s healthcare climate is much different. The transition from fee for service to value based care requires an emphasis on quality. The old paradigm of ‘doctor knows best’ is no longer relevant. Patients are well-informed and expect to be full partners in the care they receive. There is a heightened focus on consumer experience, patient education, and engagement. With an emphasis on patient-centered care and value over volume, a collaborative environment is necessary to meet the patient’s expectations and individual needs. Research for years has linked the physical healthcare environment to patient satisfaction, stress, health outcomes, and overall healthcare quality.


Focus on the physical environment

To deliver these important aspects of care, the healthcare environment needs to facilitate and enhance the human relationship. Tangram Interiors focuses on creating spaces that support positive and meaningful interactions, while leveraging technology to stay on the cutting-edge of healthcare. We aim to identify aspects of the care environment that detract from the patient experience, and redesign them to create a space that is conducive to enhancing the connection between clinicians, patients, and their loved ones.


Transforming care spaces

Imagine the typical examination room. You may have visions of a cold, steel exam table. The lighting is bright and makes you feel exposed and vulnerable. You feel awkward sitting at a different level than your care provider. Utilizing Steelcase Health, this outdated room transforms into a therapeutic space, promoting healing and wellbeing. You are now sitting in a reclining chair, talking eye to eye with your provider. There is room for your family, or you videoconference with those you want involved in your care. You now feel you are part of a collaborative team with the goal of enhancing your health. Contact us to assist you with creating spaces like this within your organization.

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