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Education Trends Respond to Demand

Everything must change, and one may view the current trends in education as a matter of supply and demand. The free marketplace demands change, and education has responded in a manner that is rapidly changing the nature of education itself.


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) occupy a position in the forefront of education today. Technology drives change in the world, and students must possess the knowledge and skills to operate effectively in a world where shifts occur abruptly. Schools now strive to develop students who will thrive in such an environment. Given that reality, the world of learning works diligently to deliver a curriculum that develops mathematical ability while fostering scientific understanding.


The concept of working together reigns as paramount in school today. Inextricably linked with STEM, the idea calls for students to function in a team environment. The process of evaluation has adapted to account for this new imperative, so a modern classroom labors to test students in both individual and team-oriented roles. A pupil must demonstrate her ability to perform as part of a winning team.


As education continues to evolve, it now places a greater emphasis on developing thinkers as opposed to rote learners. As a result, assessments now include a higher proportion of essay questions that challenge students to analyze situations and respond in unconventional ways. Ideas rule the world, and the new norms in education set the stage for students to go forth and help shape that world.


While education trends continue responding to the challenges of a changing world, ensure that you adopt a proactive stance and stay ahead of the curve. Contact us for information regarding steps you can take to ensure that you play all the right tunes and set a shining example for others to follow.

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