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Tips to Develop Your Office Interior Design

Open office space interior design. Tall chairs and desks on main floor, conference room with glass windows upstairs

Office interior design can be challenging. With so many people with different tastes, it can prove difficult to come up with the perfect solution. However, you can create an interior design that is pleasing to most people if you keep a few important principles in mind. Here are 3 tips to help you develop your interior design project.


To get your office’s interior design just right you need the right balance between functionality and aesthetic beauty. This seems like an obvious point but one that can get overlooked. On the one hand, you don’t want to focus exclusively on looks or you may not have a very functional office. However, if your office is strictly all about serving its function you may be sacrificing great taste. The office could become just a sterile place with no personality. It’s probably best to zero in on function first. After you make sure the layout, furniture, and architectural design are functional for your business and staff’s needs, then infuse decor throughout. Look for ways to combine function and art in one area or piece of furniture.


During the designing stage, don’t forget about your brand. This is a good time to boost your branding image. How you construct your space says a lot about your office’s personality. Use this opportunity to highlight your brand. If one of your brand values is inclusiveness, make sure your work, lobby, and reception areas are open and inviting. This reinforces the idea of inclusiveness.


This may seem obvious, but many people rush in and begin updating their office space without a plan. Look ahead to the end goal. You want to have an idea of what the office will look like when you’re done. Planning also helps you foresee and curtail any difficulties.


At Tangram Interiors, we are committed to delivering you with an interior design that taps into these core principles. Contact us for more information!

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