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Workplace Design for a Mobile Workforce

office interior details, bright modern working space

Business trends toward a mobile workforce, such as automation and outsourcing, are growing. Many who participate in the gig economy are looking at a working life that includes a number of different types of work, from short-term freelancers to artists and other creatives, to those in the cottage industries. How can workplace design keep up with the rapidly changing face of business?


Co-working centers and maker spaces can offer space and equipment that can be shared among a number of workers who use the facilities on an as-needed basis. These types of workplaces do not offer offices as such, but facilities such as desks or tables, individual or shared; electricity and internet access; bathrooms and showers; equipment that is particular to the type of co-working, such as copy machines, fax machines, or more specialized equipment such as computers, machining tools, sewing machines, commercial kitchen equipment.


Spatial design in co-working spaces needs to account for sound, especially if these are combined with maker spaces. Libraries use a model of study rooms, designed for small groups of 4-6 people, and that model may be very effective for co-working spaces.


Combing mixed use, so local co-working spaces and maker spaces are in the same building or close to coffee shops and diners may make these spaces particularly appealing. Maker spaces, gallery space, and artist studios are a combination that mix well,


Consider adaptive reuse and urban infill for these innovative new workspaces. Able to use the existing transportation infrastructure, the new design can incorporate wellness and environmental stewardship. By adaptive reuse of older buildings, a neighborhood’s historical character and charm are retained. Urban infill is a smart use of existing space that can use infrastructure already in place.


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