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Making Sure Your Office Style Sits Right with Your Company

A woman working at a standing desk. In front of her on the desk are papers and closed laptop.


Most fads and office furniture trends are only temporary. However, standing desks and a focus on different ways of modifying office environments for more movement show no sign of going away. Employers are looking for ways to attract employees based on less formal and more lifestyle-oriented offices, and focusing on designs that include a cohesive inclusion of varied desks is key.

What kinds of seating arrangements should your office include?

Make sure you have sit-stand desks on hand.

While some employees might take the initiative and build their own with some copy paper boxes, that might not be the first impression you want visiting clients to have. Find desks with modifiable heights, even if it’s just a few scattered throughout the office for employees to use for an hour or so. Another solution is to provide laptop stands that match the desks. Your employees receive the same health benefits but you can stay in your budget.

Have different types of chairs that all have the same color palette.

The right office design can handle a lot of variety. Have a neutral color palette with strong accent colors to keep everything consistent, and then make sure you have different chair styles. Having a selection of rolling chairs, kneeling chairs, and even balance balls may seem a bit eclectic, but it shows that you value your employees’ health. In fact, the variety can even help productivity.


Little changes and additions can have a surprising amount of impact on employee morale, health, and work. Whether you’re redesigning your office completely or plan to make small changes over time, go to Tangram to get started.


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