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Tangram Ten // Kayla Hodge

Please join us in welcoming Kayla Hodge to Tangram! Kayla will be joining the team as our second Ancillary Specialist. She previously worked as a Business Development Manager at Designform Furnishings, and prior to that, as an Interior Designer for Hatch Design Group. She spends her time in the great outdoors and recently conquered rock climbing and hiking Half  Dome. Kayla is always hungry, but Thai holds a special place in her heart. Her experience and vast number of FF&E sources will be a great asset to the company.  Welcome to the Family, Kayla, we’re happy to have you!



1. Name, title?

Kayla Hodge, Ancillary Specialist


2. Where is your hometown?

Oshkosh, WI


3. What type of company did you work at previously and what was your role there?

I most recently came from Designform Furnishings where I was a Business Development Manager (sales rep) selling dining chairs, stools, lounge furniture, as well as table tops and bases. My territory was N. California, as well as N. Nevada. I was a frequent jet-setter, traveling mostly to San Francisco. Prior to Designform, I was an interior designer for Hatch Design Group specifying finishes and FF&E for restaurant interior and exterior spaces, though my very first project was a hotel renovation.


4. What is something you recently crossed off your bucket list?

Rock climbing


5. How would you describe your favorite food to someone who’s never had it before?

Thai food. It’s Sweet, Salty & Spicy – the perfect mix of flavors!


6. If you could have lunch with someone famous (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Frank Gehry, because his work/talent fascinates me.


7. What are you most looking forward to in your new role at Tangram?

Getting back to doing what I’m passionate about and being able to share it with others on my team.


8. What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

Hiked Half Dome in Yosemite


9. How many donuts are you capable of eating in one sitting?

I haven’t put it to the test, but I’m always hungry, so if there’s still donuts left – I’ll keep eating!


10. What do you hope to bring to the Tangram team?

Lots and lots of sources for FF&E – I’m your resource library!


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