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What Does Your Floor Say?

men's shoes standing on a white wooden floor with directions to various services

Even if you’re renting office space, your landlord has a few clauses set aside for renovations that capture your company’s branding and culture. Most commercial flooring is either colorful carpet that withstands wear and tear so it looks good to visiting clients or wood laminate for a fancier look. But if you’re looking for a unique way to upgrade your office floor and add a little extra functionality, consider a floor with way-finding elements.

Use arrows and symbols to help direct foot traffic.

  •  If you have a large office space, or your premises has both offices and a warehouse, take advantage of all that open space to help show people where to go. Not only does it look ultra-modern to have directions painted or etched into the floor, it can help make your business’s building more accessible to clients and employees with visual disabilities.

Add lines along the most commonly traveled routes. 

  • If you’d rather have a sleeker design than arrows and symbols, you can leave wayfinding signs on the walls and still have a functional floor. Hire a contractor to paint crisp lines on the floor directing traffic along major hallways, to break rooms and restrooms, and to mark off which areas have restricted access for safety and security reasons. Not only can this help improve safety and efficiency, you can use your brand’s colors to pull the whole look of the office together.


Commercial flooring can be whatever you want to make of it. Adding wayfinding elements is a great way to use the space so you can save the wall space, help employees and visitors make their way around large buildings, and make your office unique. Go to Tangram for more commercial flooring and renovation ideas.


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