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How to Increase Workplace Health in January

healthy breakroom with happy employees

There are a lot of different reasons to consider your employees’ health. Not only are healthier employees cheaper to insure, they’re more productive on a day-to-day basis and in terms of days out of the office. But finding the right programs and ideas to boost your office’s health can be tricky in winter, especially on a budget. Here are a few ideas to try out:


  • Fund employee activities instead of department dinners. Sometimes your employees need to meet up outside of the office, and that’s a good thing. Whether it’s a team celebration, an important meeting, or to relax after a mad scramble to complete the annual audit, your company is footing the bill for team bonding. Encourage your team leads to take their co-workers out to an activity rather than a dinner: not only does it boost physical activity, it’s actually better for morale.


  • Have healthier drink options in the breakroom. Changing up the sodas in office vending machines won’t work. Not only can your employees easily get different drinks elsewhere, that will foster a bit of ill will. But try adding options for creamers and sugars next to the coffee. A lot of your employees just use whatever is available, and having healthy alternatives will start to lead to long-term health changes especially among your hardcore coffee drinkers. Since it’s winter, do the same with any cocoa packets you might provide during the season.


  • Provide health services in the office. Whether it’s flu shots, massages, or yoga classes, more and more third-party companies are tailoring their services to be performed in offices. Take advantage of this trend to offer your employees convenient healthcare perks at no cost to your office. So long as you toe the line between utility and spam, your employees will probably appreciate the emailed offers.


Providing for employee health on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s often about making small improvements and alternatives that build up over time. Go to Tangram for more ideas.


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