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Keep an Eye on Your Company’s Computer Security

office space where people are working on computers and rely on computer security.

If you’ve clicked on any tech news articles, it’s been one alarming story about ransomware or hacks after another. Even though scares sell and the news has an incentive to focus on alarming stories of poor computer security, the increased risks your business faces because of Internet-based attacks can’t be ignored. If your company relies more and more on technology, especially mobile devices or even your employees’ personal devices, make security a priority. Here’s how:

Make new passwords non-negotiable. 

Even employees with the best of intentions won’t update their passwords as often as they need to. So, automate the requirement on all of your company’s devices so employees have to change their passwords every 60 or 90 days. Not only does this keep external parties from finding as easy of a way in, it helps fill any potential gaps in your employee turnover procedures.

Don’t have gaps in your employee turnover procedures. 

Most of your employees have no interest in messing up your network or secure information, even if they were let go. But keep your assets actively secure instead of relying on a peaceful ending by wiping the technology former employees used. Check their devices for malware and suspicious activity, and scan all of the files before adding them into storage. Then deactivate all of their accounts, both on the hardware and in SaaS portals like Salesforce. Leaving access open for too long is one of the easiest ways to both expose confidential information and to leave unused, pricy licenses around.


Technology trends aren’t just about the newest devices and points of sale; it’s also important to focus on keeping what you have secure. Go to Tangram for more security trends and tips on improving your whole workplace.


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