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College Students Eating Healthy on a Budget

college student cooking to eat healthy

We know college students are all about living life on their best terms, and eating healthy is a great way to maximize your experiences in university. After all, you can enjoy more activities and get the best out of your classes if your body is fulfilled and healthy!


With more knowledge of health and nutrition, we see many college students trending towards healthier choices. However, eating healthy on a budget can be difficult. But with a kitchen and a little creativity, you can do wonders.


First, fresh fruits and veggies are always the healthiest options. However, that also adds up quickly. Try purchasing frozen fruits and veggies instead. This way you can eat more of it without spending too much.


Second, purchase local fresh foods when they are in season. When foods are in season and local, they cost less. They are less expensive to produce, and they do not need to travel. Another benefit is that you will also be supporting local businesses.


Third, use your crock-pot and freezer. By making food in bulk and freezing, you cut down on the amount of work needed during hectic times, like mid-terms and finals. You can keep working and pull out your homemade meals to enjoy.


Fourth, stop buying junk food. Junk food is a “filler” food with little to no nutritional content. By purchasing less food that is better for your body, you will eat less.


Finally, make sure you incorporate protein into your diet. Protein will help you feel full longer, which means you spend less on other filler foods – also known as junk food. Although meat can be expensive, other proteins such as beans and lentils cost less.


With a little bit of planning, you can feed your body healthy foods while attending college. Your body will thank you for the consideration, and you will have more energy to live your college life to the fullest!


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