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5 Energy-Saving Apps for Small Businesses

Women using smartphone energy saving apps to save energy costs.

Small business owners rely on competitive energy prices to run company operations and management. According to an Energy Consumption poll conducted by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), energy costs constitute one of the top three business expenses in 35% of small businesses.

With energy costs rising rapidly, companies are adopting proactive measures such as investing in energy-efficient equipment and monitoring energy usage. Here are the top 5 energy-saving apps for small business owners:

CodeGreen Energy

When relocating a business, finding energy compliant buildings is crucial to saving on heating and cooling costs. CodeGreenEnergy compares the energy efficiency of thousands of buildings with the ENERGY STAR® score. The score shows whether a building is compliant with new energy standards, thus helping business owners make more informed decisions regarding the location of their enterprise.

Loop Energy Management

The Loop app essentially functions as a personal energy assistant. After the Loop transmitter is installed, the app records energy usage in a building. It sets energy targets based on the company budget, with the goal of cutting costs and reducing grid load.


The Ecobee app works together with the Ecobee Smart Thermostat. It provides reports based on the energy demands of heating, cooling, and ventilation. These charts can also be downloaded into a computer. Ecobee provides solutions such as temperature schedules, that help scale down the energy costs of a business.

Solar Energy

Considered as the most comprehensive solar app on the market, Solar Energy provides extensive and unlimited access to guides on net metering policies, tax credits, as well as solar panel installation procedures and designs.

Ohm Connect

Ohm Connect is a free service designed to save energy at certain times of the day, and reward a user for it. On average, saving energy for 30 or more minutes equals $100- $300 in earnings per year. In order to offset the effects of power plants, the app notifies users when energy is to be saved. It also allows for smart device automation.


Technology is growing exponentially, and prudently harvesting it into your business will reap huge returns. Invest in smart energy-saving ideas, budgeting tips, and advanced software, and watch your business grow. For more information on the latest office technology and smart service solutions, please contact us.


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