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What’s the Right Commercial Carpet for Your Office Properties?

commercial carpet samples of different colors fanned out

Commercial real estate for office space is regularly transforming. One of the most significant changes are technology start-up tenants: small companies are getting smaller and smaller, and what they need from their office space is changing to focus on network connections, security, and open style elements. Even though it’s not a regularly featured item on changes sweeping through office rentals, your carpet choices still have a heavy impact on your bottom line. Here’s what to keep in mind to make the best choice for your properties:

Does the life expectancy of the carpet really matter?

This isn’t a straightforward question, and it depends on who your target tenants are. After all, residential rentals often have the carpet replaced after each tenant, no matter how long they stay. Commercial office floors don’t necessarily face the same scrutiny, just as they don’t face the same pet and children histories, but new tenants might still expect new, or new-looking carpet. You have to make the judgment call on whether your target markets are the type of company to want surface level renovations that highlight their own branding (which are usually companies that have clients on-site) or tenants who want a reasonable place to get work done and would rather have a lower price instead of customized carpet.

What colors should you pick?

Pick colors that are neutral but not brown or gray. Some tenants will want a new interior design to reflect their company and you can charge accordingly. But make sure you’re open to as wide a market as possible by picking colors that both won’t clash with their branding or furniture and won’t make your office fade into the background of stereotypical office spaces.

If you have multiple office spaces, experiment and get tailored advice. Some locations will have different needs than others, and none of the recommendations from successful investors will be a perfect match for your specific offices. Go to Tangram to find the right carpeting and answers to all of your interior design questions.

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