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2 Surprising Reasons to Keep Your Office in Carpet

commercial carpet in office workplace

Don’t see carpet as a default placeholder. Tile and vinyl flooring have a lot of benefits, and people like the sleek look they’re giving contemporary office spaces that want to look modern and minimalist, but it’s not always the best choice for every square foot of floor in your office. While you might use it for entryways and main walkways, keep carpeting where the people are. Here’s why:

Carpet cuts down on noise.

We’ve all had that one co-worker with the noisy shoes. The loud clack that echoes through the office at regular intervals and makes us all look up or hunch our shoulders in annoyed distraction. The echoing tap of each heel that makes us wonder ‘Where are they going this time?” or “Well, aren’t they in a hurry?” Carpet gets rid of that. It also dampens the scratching roll of moving office chairs, loud conversations, and telephone rings. Even though it won’t get rid of sounds through the air entirely, it does absorb enough to take the edge off, and it reduces any echo.

The dirt- and dust-collecting nature of carpet is actually a good thing.

One of the main arguments against commercial carpet is that it holds onto dust and allergens in the air and that tile is cleaner because it doesn’t hold onto it. But the dust, dirt, and pollutants don’t disappear with the old carpet; they stay in the air, and on you and your co-workers. Carpets collect a large portion of the debris that floats in office air, especially because the vents and air filters can’t keep up. Instead of replacing the carpet and letting coworkers take the dust and dirt home with them, just schedule a regular carpet cleaning.


Carpets let you pick a wide range of colors, textures, and styles, but they do a lot more in the background. Go to Tangram to get started on choosing the right carpet.

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