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Tangram Studio & Shubin Donaldson Led A Design Tour For Students Attending ASID’s National Student Summit

Mary Moen, from Tangram Studio, and Ivan Blanco, from Shubin Donaldson, led a group of interior design students through an international consulting firm, headquartered in DTLA’s financial district. The students were attendees of this year’s SCALE, the ASID National Student Summit, that took place February 23-26.


Interior and custom furniture design by Shubin Donaldson, the space was reinvented to recognize and address the employees’ unconventional working environment to best support their nomadic staff.  Tangram Studio took Shubin Donaldson’s vision for the furniture and used it to engineer and fabricate the products.  Consultants work directly with clients in their office and regroup weekly on the 51st and 52nd floor of City National Plaza, where their penthouse headquarters reside. Because the workspace is typically only 25% occupied, employees have the freedom to choose from a number of unassigned custom workstations—a model known as “hoteling.”


There are 210 workstations designed by Shubin Donaldson and engineered and fabricated by Tangram Studio: 130 traditional and 70-80 alternative “touchdown” spaces. Additionally, with Shubin Donaldson’s direction, Tangram Studio sourced the ancillary furniture in the hanging garden, sky lounge and café. The pieces were curated with the intention of creating a space ideal for a variety of scenarios—from casual lunches, to meetings, to simply hanging out.


The collaboration between Tangram Studio, the client and Shubin Donaldson was relived and celebrated with a tour group of students who believe in the impact of design and are looking to catapult their interior design career into work as impactful and innovative as this particular project. Tangram Studio is honored to have played a role, alongside Shubin Donaldson, in creating an interactive and illuminating experience for these particular students.


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