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Future Technology and Our Changing Aesthetic

minimalist aesthetic design choice in a modern office

Portrayals of the future have always had a minimalist aesthetic. Think about The Jetsons’ clean living space, TVs that recede into floors to leave an open room, walls of pristine glass overlooking the flying cars. When we think of the technological future, we think of clean, simple design, and the future is here.


We’ve gone from devices with hundreds of brightly-colored buttons (TV remotes from the 90s) to devices with only a few nearly-invisible buttons (iPhones or Roku remotes). We’ve gone from houses filled with shelves of knick-knacks to families finding it difficult to unload their treasures on the next generation. Walls lined with CDs and DVDs have been replaced by a single device that can fit in the palm of your hand, and the music is often played wirelessly over hidden speakers. Photos are stored on a digital cloud rather than in dusty albums. As our technology becomes more advanced, our homes become emptier, and the eye becomes accustomed to all that open space.


It’s important to think about these changing aesthetics when designing an interior space that will appeal to a generation brought up with technology at their fingertips. Too much clutter at best feels nostalgic and outdated and at worst creates a sense of overwhelming and anxiety. We can see a desire for a simpler feel in the rise in minimalist principles in everything from wardrobes to housing.


Minimalism in and of itself does not have its own set of design choices. It simply demands thoughtful consideration and an avoidance of excess. There is room for individual preferences within minimalist demands. You can be minimalistically feminine, minimalistically edgy, or minimalistically cozy. Recognizing and adopting minimalist trends doesn’t mean giving up your own style and sense of identity. It simply means making choices of quality over quantity and respecting that many of today’s clientele gravitate toward open spaces that invite the mind as well as the eye.


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