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Set the Stage for AI in Your Industrial Design

office design with technology and artificial intelligence

It’s not just mass-produced offices that have an industrial design. It’s anything with the potential to be mass-produced. That includes methods of communication, workflows, and office design. If you can start to set your office up to work in relation to growing automated and artificial intelligence elements, then your office can start to take advantages of the benefits early on. Here’s how:


Make everything smart.

Most offices have already made headway with this, and so have the landlords that own the buildings. Key fobs let security and employers know who is entering the building when they’re entering, and where (generally speaking) they’re going. That in combination with smart lights, sockets that detect power usage and more, are giving the people with the data far more insight into how people spend their days in the office. Employers can use this information to make the office environment more efficient, and landlords can use it to make the infrastructure — water, electricity, and security — more efficient, too.


Connect all of the devices.

This is predicated on strong security. If you don’t have a protected network and up-to-date malware protection, then securing your information needs to happen before you optimize connectivity. But once all your devices are interconnected, your office can start to predict what you need based on where you’re going and what the amalgamation of office calendars say. If you’re heading to a meeting in one of the conference rooms, that room’s monitor can ask your computer if you’re the meeting leader and you’re ready to sync screens. It can also alert people that an invitee might not attend because they’re out of the office based on low computer activity.


Technology that connects our software and hardware on a more holistic scale is constantly being developed. Make sure your office space has the hardware to take advantage of it, and, if you’re a landlord planning the renovation of your floors, go to Tangram to find the best way to improve your properties’ technological and design foundations.

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