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How to Minimize Office Colds in Your Building

businessman sneezing during work meeting in conference room

Winter is a terrible time for people susceptible to illnesses. Not only do we all spend our time indoors surrounded by recycled air and other people, our immune systems are lowered by a series of factors that come to the forefront during the colder months. While it’s impossible to stop all of the viruses and infections from coming in the front door, you can minimize office colds with these tips so your employees can better fight off the bugs.

How can you make your office better at fighting off bugs?

1. Encourage your employees to drink more water.

When people think of dehydration, they usually either imagine being lost outdoors or the summertime. But mild to moderate dehydration is increasingly common during the winter. Many of the signals we use to remind us to drink water, such as sweating, feeling hot, or being out in the sun, just don’t happen in the winter. But people can lose just as much water, especially if your office’s heating system doesn’t incorporate a humidifier. Having a selection of teas and coffee available, as well as easy access to filtered water, can make all the difference.

2. Have an office cooler that works for everyone.

It’s increasingly popular for people to have their own water bottles, not just their own coffee mugs. But many older models of office coolers don’t allow easy access for the tall, narrow bottles many people prefer. They also only have one temperature of water or, if they do offer hot and cold, don’t reliably provide cooled and heated water. Make sure your office’s cooler not only incorporates the widest range of cups and bottles possible but also is clearly filtered and has two reliable temperatures.

3. Provide silent humidifiers and heaters.

Different employees have different temperature preferences, and the wrong temperature can leave you employees uncomfortable, feeling ill, or unproductive. Consider providing silent heaters and humidifiers so rows, specific cubicles, or even meeting rooms can be customized to different settings. The silent appliances are far less of a distraction in open office plans, and allowing for different settings lets employees stay focused and less stressed.

Small improvements in the comfortability of your office and increased access to water can help your office beat the winter contagionsGo to Tangram to find even more office trends and improvements that keep your employees healthy.

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