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Why To Offer Your Employees Good Healthcare

group of office workers holding meeting in conference room

Good healthcare is good for business. Not only do healthy employees perform better, offering good healthcare and good culture are two of the best ways to keep employees long-term. But health insurance, benefit programs, and tax-deductive options are difficult to wade through. Make sure your employees are getting the best care possible by holding regular meetings in which HR or even invited guests can help make quick sense of things.

Make the obligations and advantages of both FSAs and HSAs clear.

PPOs and HDHP insurance options are common in the corporate world, but all the acronyms can get in the ways of employees getting their money’s worth. Set aside time for new and regular employees to learn about the advantages of making contributions, especially to HSAs that set them up for long-term health savings. You can also post lists of FSA-eligible purchases and the deadline for purchases each year. This helps tell employees that you care about them. It also makes them feel more comfortable asking HR-related questions instead of staying silently confused or resentful.

Set up health programs and set a relaxed policy about employees rearranging their schedule for them.

Don’t make your employees choose between getting a flu shot and coming into work on time. Sometimes the only available time slots are when everyone else is at work. The same is true for health initiatives and more. If you have a culture of accessible information and a focus on personal health, your employees aren’t going to take advantage of it or attend any meetings to skip out on the workload. They’re going to get healthier.

But be wary of marketing schemes.

A lot of offices have success allowing third-party health businesses onsite. They might be offering flu shots, B12 injections, or even reading glasses. Sometimes they’re honest businesses who want everyone to benefit from doing business. Sometimes they aren’t. So vet any speakers and sellers carefully to make sure they’re helping your employees instead of scamming them.

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