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Keep Your Business Flexible with Application Hosting

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Small businesses need to operate however they can. Sometimes that means an office space in a downtown skyscraper or a corner of a shared office space. Sometimes your business is a bit scattered and everyone works from home across the country. Depending on how your employees are located, your technology policy might be equally flexible, with a wide range of company-owned tech but also a culture of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). No matter the style and shape of your individual business, application hosting is a valuable tool.

Use online portals that work with any operating system and Internet browser.

Different devices mean different degrees of age, operational differences, and security. Instead of relying on individual malware protections, keep all of your data, business policies, and customer information in the online portals that are hosted by their vendors. This removes any question of whether your programs are compatible with an employee’s operating system. It also means your employees can still use their favorite browsers.

You can protect the data more than the device.

When a device gets lost or stolen, you don’t want anyone accessing company data. If you use traditional programs and download all the files you need to edit on installed tools, then those files are stored on the local drive. Anyone who gains access to the device can copy, read, and alter those files given enough time. But with application hosting, all of the data stays off of the local drive and you can easily reset the login password to prevent disaster.

A hardware failure doesn’t stop work.

The second there’s a fatal error in your laptop or tablet, work has to stop. But if you use programs that are hosted by the vendor, then you don’t lose all the work you’ve already done. You can just use a backup device or sign in on someone else’s to get critical work completed on time.

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