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Improve Your Networking Skills by Focusing on Your Personal Brand

man in a fancy suit and tie to help improve his personal brand

Networking is very important, as it allows you to meet people who can help you further your professional career.  Therefore, it is important that you learn how to network successfully.  One way is to create your own personal brand.  Many things help you build your brand, but you must learn to control these four things.

How to Build Your Personal Brand:

1) Maintain Personal Hygiene

First, you must maintain your personal hygiene.  Showing up to a networking event with bad body odor and an unkempt appearance is rude and gives a bad message to others at the event.  No one wants to associate with people who smell bad or look out of place. You need to brush your teeth daily and shower regularly.  Cut your nails and keep your hair clean and neat.  This is the easiest thing to control and will help your personal brand tremendously.

2) Your Clothes Matter

Second, make sure that your clothes are in top shape.  That does not mean that you should spend a fortune on your clothes.  However, your clothes must look presentable.  They must be ironed as well as free of blotches and tears.  If you do not have a lot of money to spend, do the best you can with your current wardrobe.  You do not build your brand by what you wear, but by how you wear it.

3) Pay Attention to Your Posture

Third, you must have an open posture.  That means that you stand or sit up straight and make eye contact when you talk to people.  Do not slouch and look at the floor.  Do not cross your arms.  An open posture makes you look friendlier, and it goes without saying that people are more willing to network with friendly people.  An open posture builds your brand.

4) Smile More

Finally, learn to smile.  When you frown, many people will think that you are a grouch, and people do not like grouches.  Also, make sure that your smile is genuine.  People can tell when you are faking it.

The Bottom Line – Your Personal Brand is an Essential Part of Networking

Networking can be very difficult, but building your personal brand will make it easier.  So get out there and start building your personal brand.  For more information, please contact us.

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