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The Benefits of Industrial Design in Commercial Real Estate

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If you walk into almost any modern office space, it’s going to look a lot different from offices in previous decades. Instead of large, laminate executive desks, you’re going to see polished metal sheet tables and modular desks. Instead of lamps and recessed lighting, you might see raw hanging lights and next to no ceiling tiles. Industrial design is the latest iteration of minimalist design, and the popularity shows no sign of fading. If you’ve been worried about the sticking power of the trend, here are two reasons to take a risk on it with your next commercial space:

Industrial Design Allows for Flexibility

Industrial design can make an office space look like a warehouse. Lots of people prefer the stark industrial look, and other tenants and employees don’t really care. What that means is you can actually make the office space a warehouse so the property can cater to both groups.

Overlap in Safety Requirements

Warehouses have a lot of OSHA requirements that fall in line with what most office tenants demand from a workspace. This means you can outfit the total space to fill the needs and safety requirements of a warehouse and keep a supply of modular walls and barriers to form individual offices for tenants who want a mix of an open office and smaller offices for executives and meetings.

 Reduced Floor Maintenance Costs

Carpet is a continual replacement cost. Even if tenants take care of the carpet, which is unusual, you still have to replace it between every one or two tenants. But industrial design does away with carpeting, wood floors, and laminates altogether. You can acid wash the bare concrete or just cover it with a high-quality sealant. Then it’s perfect for your next tech start-up tenant or a company that needs a warehouse in the area.

Industrial design gives both landlords and tenants a lot of options. Go to Tangram for the pieces and design elements you need to make the space stand out to all of your prospective customers.

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