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Keep Your Office and Commercial Buildings Safer with Wallboard Assemblies

Desks and chairs in an empty office with telephones and office equipment, modern square lighting on white ceiling

Just like with residential investment properties, restorations that are long-lasting, affordable, and good-looking are the best methods. While not everything in a commercial building needs to be overturned or restored between tenants, using wallboard for an interior ceiling gives you both easy installation and repair without demanding a completely new ceiling between contracts.

What are the advantages of wallboard assemblies?

Wallboard is easily installed.

Having a building or an office floor without tenants is a drag on your bottom line, and getting your properties restored for showing is your top priority when a tenant leaves. If your building needs a completely new assembly or just individual boards need to be replaced, you can have the job done quickly.

Wallboard is fire resistant.

If your building is older or in an area where fires are a risk, wallboard can give you peace of mind: the gypsum’s water content can slow down a fire and keep its spread restricted for the time it takes the fire department to come. Even if your building doesn’t have a fire, taking adequate precautions can help reduce your commercial insurance, and the safety feature doubles as a perk you can explain to prospective tenants.

You can repair minor damage to wallboard yourself.

If you own properties, you’re your own best handyman. Installing fixtures and constructions that you can easily repair or modify yourself gives you a great deal of flexibility but also saves you on repairs between tenants. All you need is a drywall patch to repair dents and holes. These are also repairs that a property management company can do in case you can’t make it to the property yourself.

Wallboard assemblies don’t just keep the office safe. They’re easy to install and modify so you can get the design you’re looking for. Go to Tangram here for more ways to turn basic office essentials into sleek industrial design elements.

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