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A Corporate Culture Designed to Triumph


Culture shapes the world and marks the dividing line between success and failure. The most enduring businesses heeded that lesson long and ensured that all personnel would never forget it. A corporate culture designed to excel will, in time, take over much of a firm’s heavy lifting and spread its reputation far and wide.

An Athletic Example

As a matter of illustration, consider the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Four years ago, the Warriors burst upon the scene playing a brand of basketball that featured marvelous movement, breathtaking passing, and brilliant long-range shooting. Few NBA pundits believed the men from Golden State could win a championship, but they proceeded to accomplish precisely that. The team’s leadership had envisioned a new way of playing and had taken the steps to implement it. They established the Warrior’s way, and they ensured that all recruits would understand, appreciate, and embrace that way. The team today shines as the best in basketball and serves as the envy of all other teams in the league.

How Corporate Culture Creates Success

A firm builds its culture step-by-step by its interactions with customers and clients. Clients come to businesses with expectations in mind. Brands that consistently meet or exceed those expectations win over customers–who then deliver the message of success to family members, friends, and colleagues. In this way, corporations create unique identities, and they win in ways that perpetuate the process of winning. Leaders in such organizations take the time to educate employees and prepare them to represent the business in a glowing and attractive light. As this process unfolds over and over again, success perpetuates itself as a way of life.

Fans come to watch the Golden State Warriors with certain expectations in mind–they expect the Warriors to dazzle, to scintillate, and to win. Clients come to firms bearing sets of expectations, too. The best companies know this all too well and like the Warriors, they deliver over and over again. If your organization seeks more valuable ideas on designing a corporate culture that triumphs, contact us and we will supply the tools you need to build your very own culture of excellence.

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