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Build a Brand That’s Sure to Last


To varying degrees, people understand and appreciate the power of brands. Many who hold little or no interest in baseball, for instance, know the legend of the New York Yankees. By the same token, individuals with limited knowledge of football fawn over the Dallas Cowboys. Such examples illustrate the magnetic power of brands, and they demonstrate why a business would work prodigiously to build a brand that will stand the test of time.

Defining Your Brand

Any organization that expects to succeed must first define its brand. Leaders desire that a brand becomes so well known that people view it as part of the fabric of everyday life. Companies like Sears, Toyota, and Sherwin Williams worked relentlessly to define their brands so that hearing the name alone conjured up special images in the minds of consumers. Through trial and error, leaders have learned that if they build well, efforts will eventually reach a tipping point and the brand the company labored hard to define, will then define the company.

Target Audience

As part of the brand building process, a business must identify its target audience. With this task accomplished, the firm can reach out to its clientele through the magic of advertising. The business strives to tell its story through slogans, songs, and images that distinguish it from the competition in compelling and often heartwarming ways. The more captivating the story, the more profoundly it resonates with the public. Like Nike, the firm convinces its clients to “just do it” and recognize its brand as the obvious and clear choice in the respective field.

Build a Brand that Delivers

To successfully build a brand that lasts, businesses must consistently deliver on their promises and claims. The Pony Express triumphed despite adverse conditions and circumstances and therefore won the public trust. Accordingly, corporations must convince consumers that, like the Pony Express, they too will always deliver. As customers grow to trust the companies, they will spread their brands far and wide and often remain faithful clients for life.

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