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3 Ways to Make Your Company Intranet More Useful


Nobody likes their company intranet. It’s usually clunky, outdated, and not part of the daily workflow. But if your employees aren’t regularly making use of a company-wide intranet, there’s no good way to make sure employees are all on the same page. Improve your network with these three changes:

1. Make it the hub of single sign-on.

The easiest way to get people to regularly interact with your company’s intranet is to make it a beneficial part of their workflow. One of the biggest problems with SaaS portals and third-party programs is that each one requires a password. Security-conscious companies won’t allow duplicate passwords, but that can be frustrating for employees. Incorporate a single sign-on function through your intranet so that people have a good reason to go there and your company data stays more secure.

2. Archive interdepartmental workflows.

Departments aren’t good at communicating with each other. Part of that is because few people have that direct responsibility. Part of it is because a lot of small departmental changes require specialized knowledge and aren’t necessarily impactful to people in other departments. But a large part of the problem is simply that communication falls through the cracks.

So, add pages to your intranet that hold interdepartmental documents. Appoint contacts within each department whose job it is to update the documents, archive the old operating procedures, and send a quick note to the affected departments. The more you can establish this through an intranet instead of email, the fewer incidents of failed communication you’ll have.

3. Maintain an updated directory.

Directories always have a lot of old information. When directories are hard to operate or are maintained solely through an old phone system, it can be difficult for new employees to know who to turn to. Even old employees can’t work around a bogged-down directory. So put your directory online and give people contextual titles and contact tips, not just professional titles.

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