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3 Things Your Intranet Learning Center is Missing


Learning centers are a great idea for everyone in your company. They give employees the tools to gain new knowledge and skills. They help the company grow stronger with employees who learn skills that are directly tied to their jobs. They also help HR, who can more confidently recommend internal employees rather than search for new hires. But these benefits happen only with a good, modern learning center. Most are missing these three crucial elements:

1. Subscriptions to updated sources

A lot of internal learning centers are out-of-date. Their company-specific training sessions related to products and operating procedures may be too old or too clunky to provide useful information. Whether your company has specific training presentations or your employees benefit from externally-created programs, make sure the courses are recent.

This is especially important in the case of marketing and technological courses. Information becomes outdated so quickly in these fields that you need a dedicated effort to have the best learning resources in order to stay on top of the wave of changes that impact your industry.

2. Third-party certifications

Internally created courses aren’t enough of a resource. Embed your learning center with third-party courses that have wide industry appeal. These include Microsoft Office certifications, AWS and Oracle courses, Salesforce training, and more. If your employees learn these core skills, they can help keep your systems running better. Subsidizing the cost of employee training is also a worthwhile investment that can make employees stay at your company longer.

3. A window in your employees’ workdays

No matter how much you improve your learning center, it doesn’t do your employees any good if they don’t have time to access it. Unless you and departmental managers make a point to encourage continued learning, employees may feel too busy with daily tasks to get to it. So make it a priority for employees to set aside a few hours a week for continued learning if they’re interested.

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