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3 Easy Ways to Improve Workplace Health


Rezoomo recently released statistics regarding what is and isn’t helping to improve workplace health. While survey statistics never provide clear-cut solutions, they may shed some light on particular concerns you have about your office. But, if you want actionable recommendations instead of a list of statistics, here are three easy changes you can make to start improving workplace health:

1. Communicate wellness programs and health initiatives better.

When new hires come on board or the health insurance plan changes, employees are told about any additional health and wellness discounts or indirect benefits. But, these are usually listed on the back of the handouts and are never mentioned again.

If you and your employees are paying for these resources, make sure everyone feels comfortable using them. Whether your plan includes financial planning advice to help reduce employees’ stress, or discounts at a local gym, make that information available and actively promote it.

2. Create more internal initiatives.

Even if you don’t have a large budget to dedicate to health and wellness efforts in the workplace, there are still plenty of low-budget ways to make the workplace better. Make sure the water cooler in the breakroom is easy to use, well-stocked, and employees know how to change the bottle or report problems. Encourage departments to have standing meetings or movement-oriented events. Even bringing in healthier catering when the executives visit the office sets the right tone.

3. Ask your employees what they want.

Even just encouraging your employees to voice suggestions and have opinions about future initiatives makes employees happier. Having a voice reduces workplace stress, and you can hear about problems that might have otherwise remained invisible. While standing desks may be on employees’ wish lists while not being in the budget, lamps to reduce eyestrain can be just as important.

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