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The Perks of an Open and Enjoyable Office Culture


Industries of every sector of commerce are noticing the incentives for creating an open office culture. They are throwing out the cubicles and creating open spaces with large tables that encourage an environment of open communication and collaboration. This modern office layout has shown positive results for businesses with increased employee performance while decreasing costs. Here is a look at how to create an open and enjoyable office culture.

Not Just A Layout

Creating an open office is not just about changing furniture. Yes, that is a part of it. You take away the cubicles and you take away the barriers to the work environment. When everyone is grouped together, creative juices can really start flowing. Without the boundaries of a cubicle, everyone, even the supervisors, appear more approachable. With the collaborative dynamic, a community is formed and communication is encouraged. Coworkers become teammates and a sense of camaraderie is formed, which can help generate innovative and resourceful thinking because everyone feels valued.

Fostering An Enjoyable Working Environment

With all the employees working in the same space, there is great potential for improved performance. Employees feel more accountable because of the increased visibility, but they also can feel free from being boxed inside a cubicle and to seek help or advice from others. Office workers are more inclined to multitask and bosses are able to keep an eye on their entire crew. In this environment, there is great potential for fun which can create healthy morale and a proud team. Office lunches, parties, and goal-oriented meetings can be opportunities for team building and help workers feel invested in the company they are working for. Now they feel more dedicated to a joined purpose and feel encouraged to share their fresh ideas.

Things to Avoid

A positive office culture is the core of the business and ultimately drives performance. It is important to note that open offices have the potential to be too open at times. There is potential for distractions, noise, and confusion if not managed properly. The office environment should reflect the business itself and remain organized. Some open office layouts include quiet rooms for writing, one-on-one meetings or sensitive phone calls. Employees should be familiar but not inconsiderate of each other. Regular team meetings can help dissolve employee concerns and issues that may arise.

There are many positives to converting to an open office layout. Investors will be impressed by the modern and aesthetically pleasing layout. The flexibility of the space enables for many possibilities as the company grows. It lowers costs all around and fosters a collaborative and creative community when managed properly. To make this environment fully reach its potential it is important to have regular meetings and set clear goals for all employees. If done properly, the increases in productivity and decreases in costs will greatly help any business. For more information about office trends, contact us.

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