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Get a Better Water Filter for Better Employee Health


Water filters come in many different shapes, sizes, and features, especially for refrigerators. While different models of refrigerators have differently sized compartments for filters and that can limit your selection, there are still more options available than the default model that came with your refrigerator.

Whether you’re looking for tools that last as long as possible, or your focus is on multifaceted filtration, here are the key considerations to keep in mind:

1. What size filter will your refrigerator allow? 

It’s not enough to just stick with a certain brand: different GE models, for example, come with a host of different filter sizes and port shapes. But you also don’t have to stick to the narrow field of your appliance’s brand.

A lot of companies create filters that work in a wide variety of refrigerator types. So look at the dimensions listed on your current filter and see how it’s connected to the water line. Some filters are inside refrigerators while others have it behind the back of the fridge. Investigate your current filter before searching for a new one.

2. What are the unique concerns about your area’s water supply? 

Some regions are more at risk for some toxins and chemicals than others. Contact your city to see what type of filtration they recommend, and also be sure to take into consideration how hard or soft your water is.

3. How big is your office?

Most filters offer a lifespan based on gallons rather than actual duration. This is because it’s hard to anticipate how often a consumer will drink water from their refrigerator. Start keeping an eye on how often your coworkers use the filter so you can better gauge when it’s time for a new one, especially if you don’t trust the water supply.

Finding the right filter for your refrigerator is all about what you and your office specifically need. Go to Tangram for more office design ideas and workplace health management tips.

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