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3 Reasons Why You Will Thrive in a Coworking Space


Coworking spaces can improve your productivity in many ways. According to Harvard Business Review, people who belong to coworking spaces show a level of thriving of 6 on a 7-point scale. This level of success is higher than the average worker in an ordinary office. There are so many reasons why people thrive in shared workspaces, here are the top three reasons why you should find yourself a coworking space and thrive:

  1. The feel of community- The coworking space gives people a feel of community which is a motivation for those who don’t like the loneliness in their own offices. The community gives the working space a unique vibe of positivity that withstands work burnout and stress of solo goal pursuits. Even if you are working on a personal project, another community member’s success is enough motivation to keep you going even if you felt like procrastinating or quitting altogether.
  2. Flexible work session- coworking spaces give you more control over your job. Since most coworking spaces operate on a 24/7 basis, you can choose to work either during the day or at night. The flexibility in the working sessions gives you more freedom than you would get in rented office space that opens its doors and closes in the evening. With the 24/7 operation time, you can have a long refreshing nap, or power intensive gym session during the day and work in the night.
  3. People who work in coworking spaces see their work as meaningful- Coworking spaces bring on board freelancers who do a different kind of work. The nature of the space is free and casual. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle to fit in. Also, there is no direct competition, all you get from your community is pure motivation. The absence of direct competition also gives you more focus on the quality of the work rather than the output; you therefore fall in love every single time with your results as no boss rushes you to produce half-baked results.

Coworking spaces can improve your work ethics and productivity. There is always room for improvement as your last success becomes your benchmark. If you would like to create a coworking space where freelancers can work in at a fee, Tangram Interiors should be the first door you knock.

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