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Using Culture to Create Preeminent Success


An organization’s culture reflects its way of life. The culture serves as a ladder that enables a business to reach all its objectives. As time goes by, culture becomes inherent to the way a company carries out its day-to-day operations. Businesses that thrive work hard to cultivate preeminent cultures by holding the listed ideas firmly in mind. In truth, these businesses understand that the culture is the organization.

The Dallas Cowboys

To appreciate the profound nature of culture, consider the humble story of the Dallas Cowboys. Tom Landry, Texas (Tex) Schramm and Gil Brandt labored from the outset to establish a culture that called upon all members of the organization to render their finest efforts. As leadership upheld its promises, it also took the steps necessary to hold all employees accountable for their actions. In truly amazing fashion, the upstart Cowboys ventured forth to become “America’s team,” winning hearts and minds along the way. Though the team has won little in the way of championships during the past 20 years, the Cowboys endure as the sporting world’s most fabled franchise–reportedly worth some 5 billion dollars today.

How to Develop Culture

In order to establish a culture that yields such tremendous dividends, a company must involve its people at all levels of production. The business must simplify processes so that employees can easily provide valuable insights and inputs, and it must pursue policies that reward the most valuable ideas. As individuals recognize their value to the organization, they will work enthusiastically on behalf of the unit, and they will inspire colleagues to respond in kind. A deep sense of culture and devotion will emerge that bonds the employees together in a life of partnership and productivity.

Like Landry and Schramm, leaders within organizations must lay the foundations of culture that allow all members of the team to thrive. They also must constantly communicate and reinforce the ideas that lie at the heart of the company. As workers absorb these ideas and demonstrate them in their actions, a culture of cooperation and success will arise. The culture will then naturally shape the organization as it evolves to reflect a winning way of life.

Much like a wave that lifts all boats, a winning culture elevates a business to new heights. Contact us for more exciting ideas you can use to create a culture that relentlessly cultivates a path to unqualified success.

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