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Los Angeles Business: Relocation? It’s the Final Step in Successful Interior Design

By the time a new or renovated office space is ready to occupy, Tangram—as a leading partner in creative interior design—often has been involved for many months. Even if we have not, however, we can play a pivotal role for your client/occupant.

Tangram Move Management Services are first class, and they are strengthened immeasurably by almost all of our other areas of expertise. A move, after all, seldom is as straightforward as packing up a firm’s existing furniture, electronics, architectural features (e.g., flexible walls), lighting, and physical files in one location and then unpacking them in another.

Seldom are all interior-design elements—floor coverings and flooring systems, audio-visual facilities and equipment, lighting—in place when the move begins. Furniture can be picked up and moved, but sometimes the most important furnishings are customized and lose much of their special value if not adapted to the new setting. Also, moving is an excellent time to recondition furniture that has long needed stripping, reupholstering, refurbishing.

Beyond those concerns, the deployment of furnishings in new space is integral to the completion of a vision for interior design, implementing decisions about sizing spaces, painting, and electr ical infrastructure—to take but a few examples.

All such design decisions and many more are entailed in successful relocation and in the realization of the vision of the architect, general contractor, and, of course, the client. All, too, are core services to which Tangram brings decades of experience and the spectrum of specialized knowledge.

All of it adds up, for you and the client, to a move that is easier than ever before, as stress-free as our take-charge, take-responsibility style of onsite project management can make it.

When everyone has done their best to prepare an ideal new facility, and the move is in prospect, give us a call. (Sooner is always better than later.) We can talk specifics about any aspect of ensuring that your new destination is all that you hoped—and more.

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