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A Culture that Insists on Success


Theories abound throughout the business world regarding the best ways to ensure ongoing success. Varied though they may be, all these theories speak to the importance of culture as an element of sustained success. Despite the vicissitudes and challenges of business life, a winning culture will allow a business to thrive in all kinds of weather. Such a culture insists on success.

The concept of culture expands beyond individual leaders and personalities to encompass an organization in its entirety. An article recently featured in the Harvard Business Review addresses this idea. The authors trumpet the idea of continuous improvement as the true hallmark of success. Readers discover that a winning culture unites all aspects of an organization through the power of inclusion. Once personnel across all organizational levels feel connected to the finished product, they will create a culture that withstands the departure of even the most valuable contributors.

An article in Forbes further underscores the importance of inclusion. David Rock lays out the challenges organizations face as they attempt to modify their cultures in this high-tech, digital world. The author stresses that an organization must change the habits of its personnel if it is to succeed in altering its culture. Rock further relates that employees most effectively develop insights that lead to cultural breakthroughs when they strive together in social settings. The idea of a winning culture permeating all aspects of the organization again prove paramount to the argument.

Organizations that will “live long and prosper” recognize the essential nature of culture as a key to success. Those businesses build cultures that transcend time, space, and personalities. Culture shapes the enterprise and prepares it to meet the challenges of today as well as those that will appear on the horizon tomorrow.

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