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Communication is Key: Handling Communication Breakdowns

Portrait of a businessman sitting in a boardroom meeting with colleagues in the background

When information is not conveyed properly from higher to lower level employees, this is called a communication breakdown. Lack of communication between staff is the number one reason why people leave their jobs; it can be frustrating to stay in a workplace where you’re not sure what is expected of you as an individual employee, what the team is working towards overall, or how to handle feedback. To keep your practice running smoothly, it is important to make sure that every member of your team is communicating effectively and that everyone is on the same page.

We recommend getting your leadership team together at least once a year for a facilitated session to go over the team’s goals and how communication can be improved in the workplace. Ideally, this session should be done off-site, away from office interruptions, with a bigger focus on productivity in a fresh atmosphere. Make a day out of it: get your team out in the fresh air at a local park, or a classy restaurant! Improving your team’s mood will put them in a better place to retain information.

Another option to consider, especially if you run a smaller business, is hiring a professional facilitator to guide your team through workshops about how to maintain better communication methods. These sessions will help your employees understand the most effective ways to boost communication using the tools they already have as well as learning new methods. It’s an interactive way to challenge your team to think outside the box by going over different situations, determining strengths and weaknesses, and making sure information is being exchanged clearly and concisely.

Giving your team the resources they need for effective communication is crucial in the workplace, ensuring reduced communication breakdowns and keeping the most valuable members of your staff with your practice for many years. If you would like more tips about communication or another aspect of enhancing your workplace’s environment, please contact us today.

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