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Increasing Creativity and “Hygge” at Your Los Angeles Business

two people sitting in comfortable office meeting room with wooden table, pendant lights, and earth-tones couch

If you run a business in Los Angeles, then you must realize the importance of the image that you project. When people come to your offices, they are going to be looking around them to try and figure out what type of company you are. Are you a creative type of firm? Or are you a solid, reliable type of company? Your interiors can say a lot about you.

Additionally, your interiors can also give your employees a little nudge in the right direction, either by increasing their creativity or helping them to work with others in a relaxed, cooperative manner. Here are some things to keep in mind when you decorate the offices of your Los Angeles business:


What can you do to increase creativity at your business? Creativity essentially means putting things together in a way that you have not seen before in order to come up with something new and useful. If you can do the same thing in your interiors, this will encourage your employees to be creative.

Creativity in terms of interior decoration can refer to bringing together any two things you have not necessarily seen together before, such as the pairing of two colors or prints which are not usually paired, the placing of traditional lifelike paintings and modern art next to each other on the walls, etc.


If you want to create a feeling of relaxation in your business, why not go by what Meik Viking says in The Little Book of Hygge? Hygge is a Danish concept which refers to a feeling of cozy happiness. This feeling of coziness can be produced with dim lighting, warm wooden furniture, using earth tones in your interior decoration, placing a collection of autumn leaves in your waiting area, etc.

The word “hygge” comes from the same root as the English word “hug.” So creating a sense of hygge is like setting up your surroundings in a way that makes you feel secure, happy, and relaxed—the same way you would feel if you got a hug.

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