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Give Your Offices More Character with Industrial Design

people sitting at tables in industrial design office with exposed brick wall and wooden beam rafters

Industrial design has become quite trendy over the past few years because more and more industrial spaces are being taken over by offices due to a lack of space in urban areas. This led interior decorators to think of ways in which the original design of the industrial space could be incorporated into office interior design. And now, even if the office has not come up in a space that used to be industrial, many people like to introduce touches which they may have seen in an industrial space.

Brick Wall

One feature that you often see in industrial design is a brick wall (in which the brick is visible). This gives the space that industrial look you might see in a warehouse or an otherwise uninhabited building. Most people prefer to have only one wall with visible brick while the remaining walls are painted in a color of their choice. So this gives the office an industrial look without being too claustrophobic- as it could be with all brick walls. After all, brick is dark. So it’s a good idea to lighten it up by painting the remaining walls a lighter color.

Distressed Paint

Another technique often used in industrial design is the distressed paint look. This type of paint is deliberately made to look uneven as though it has been on the walls for many years. It’s a great look if you’re engaged in some creative work, but may not create the best impression if your clientele is very conservative. So consider this before you paint your walls this way.

Rough-Hewn Wood

Another feature of industrial design is a rough-hewn wood look. Have you ever seen furniture made from recycled wood? This type of wood may not always have a smooth finish, the corners may not always be right angles, and you can see the grain of the wood through the polish.

In general, you’ll find that a deliberately unfinished look is a characteristic of industrial design. Contact us for more information.

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