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Should You Consider a Benching System for Your Office?


One of the trends making the rounds in offices these days is having a benching system. Although the name might suggest having employees sit on a bench, this is not really the case! Instead, it’s the tables on which the employees sit which are joined together to form one long, bench-like table. And the employees sit in a line along this long table. Or, they may sit on both sides of it.


A benching system is versatile because it can fit as many employees as necessary. For example, if you have four employees, you can get a bench long enough to fit two on one side and two on the other with a screen in the middle. If you have six employees, you can get a longer bench that fits three on one side and three on the other. If you only have two, you can just have a bench long enough to fit one employee on either side.

Space Saving

Additionally, a benching system is space-saving. You don’t need to have a cubicle for each and every employee or even a separate desk. With a benching system, you can fit more employees into a smaller space.

Open Floor Plan

Benching systems can also open up the floor plan of your office. Whereas cubicles create walls that block out light and can be a little bit dingy, benching systems allow light and air to flow freely throughout your offices. This can help with the wellbeing and productivity of your employees.


A benching system can help employees to collaborate easily with each other. If a certain group of employees is working together on one project, they can be placed in close proximity to each other in a benching system.


The only disadvantage of a benching system is that it can be distracting for employees who are working on tasks they need to concentrate on individually. But this disadvantage can be overcome by asking other employees to minimize chatter and talking on phones while sitting at their desks. If they need to make a call, they can do so from somewhere else. Once you institute this type of system, you’re left with only advantages for your benching system.

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