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Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Office Chairs


One of the main things you need to think about when you get office furniture is what type of office chair would be best for your office. Chances are you’re going to need more than one chair. You’ll need a chair for yourself, chairs for the people who have individual offices, chairs for people who are sitting in cubicles or on a benching system, a chair for your receptionist and chairs for your clients.

The type of chair you get is dependent on how long that person will be sitting on it. Different chairs are meant for different purposes. So don’t be fooled by the way that a chair looks. Consider the purpose for which it has been built as well.

Executive Chair

An executive chair is high-backed with a lot of padding. 40% of these also come with some lumbar support, so they’re good to sit on all day long. But if you get the kind without lumbar support, then you or your employee will not be comfortable in it throughout the day.

Ergonomic Chair

These don’t look like much, but they are the best kind of chair to sit on all day long. Your back will thank you if you buy this chair. If you can afford it, this is the kind of chair you should get for everyone in your offices.

Conference/Task Chairs

There are also conference chairs—the type you generally see in a conference room. They’re smaller, less padded versions of executive chairs, and you can sit on them for 3-4 hours. Task chairs are even smaller; they only have a six-inch padded section which hits the middle of the back. They’re really not very good to sit on for longer than 1-3 hours.

Guest Chairs

All the above office chairs have a swivel base, but you can also get a guest chair, which is stationary. This is good for guests to sit on in your waiting room or in your office. But it’s not the best idea if anyone is going to be sitting on it for an extended period of time.

Part Time vs. Full Time

So when you’re buying office chairs, make your decision based on how long your employees will be sitting on it. If the employee is only working part-time, you can go with a conference chair. But if they’re working full-time, ergonomic or executive chairs with lumbar support will be best.

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