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Tangram Decor is for finding, building and sourcing the little things. The decor + loose furniture items that complete a space.


Tangram Ancillary Team

What is ancillary furniture?
Ancillary furniture describes a variety of solutions for casual spaces that support multiple postures. Casual spaces are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the workplace and may include lounges, in-between spaces, enclaves, conference rooms, patios, work cafés and other collaborative spaces. New ways of working have driven demand for different kinds of spaces at work. As work has become more mobile and younger generations become the majority, traditional work settings have transitioned into more flexible, relaxed spaces that blur the edges between home life and work life.

Providing ancillary solutions for large-scale projects can be very complex, involving more than 100 individual manufacturers. You need an experienced partner with sophisticated resources to streamline and manage ancillary project implementations. We are uniquely positioned to be your go-to partner for selecting, sourcing and delivering ancillary solutions.

Ancillary furniture includes:
– Lounge chairs, stools, benches, sofas, and side chairs
– End tables, coffee tables and bistro tables
– Lighting and accessories
Meet the Team


Choosing ancillary furniture can be a daunting task. There are thousands of suppliers of contract, semi-contract and retail-grade products out there. Constant research is what drives our understanding of current trends and broadens our range and ability to offer the best products that accurately reflect your company’s culture. We understand that everyone is super busy. Let us help you!​


Kayla and Christina work directly with the client in order to understand budget and adhere to it when choosing pieces.  Years of experience in the interior design and furniture industries have given our specialists the chance to build relationships with manufacturers, which proves vital in obtaining the lowest possible pricing in the purchasing process.


As the liaison between our project team and the manufacturer, Kayla and Christina will have a constant eye on the process in order to ensure products arrive on time to meet project deadlines. They will also assist in product selection based on deadlines specified by the client.

Today's Featured Products + Partners
"Most of the time, the primary driver for shared spaces is aesthetics. But organizations need to use every square foot in a meaningful way, so these spaces need to also be productive. People need more than a beautiful sofa and a coffee table."

-Mary Elaine Roush, Steelcase Applications Design Manager
"People are more likely to work in a space where power is available and easily accessible, especially for individual and long-term use; architectural conditions often dictate how easily power can be accommodated and it can often be overlooked. Regardless of estimated duration, power remains a ubiquitous need for workers."
"People prefer spaces with amenities similar to those they would find at their primary workstation (i.e. appropriate seating that supports a range of duration, digital displays, power, etc.); yet informal spaces often provide limited posture support."

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