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We understand that offices are no longer just workspaces, but living spaces and the mark of brand values, beliefs, tastes, cultural expression and personalities. We lead with an awareness of trends and a knowledge of what’s now and—more importantly—what’s next.

What is Ancillary Furniture?

Ancillary furniture refers to a range of products that support various postures in casual work spaces such as lounges, conference rooms, patios, and cafes. The rise of flexible working and changing demographics have led to an increased demand for these types of spaces in the workplace.

Managing ancillary solutions for large projects can be challenging and requires a partner with expertise and resources to streamline the process. We are well-equipped to be your trusted partner for selecting, sourcing, and delivering ancillary furniture solutions for your project.

Design Forward >> Design First

We align our thinking to be design-forward and design-first, leading with an awareness of trends and a knowledge base of shared insights. We offer solutions far beyond the catalog that surpass any other commercial furniture dealer. Our broad spectrum of trusted, proven and relevant brands and partners is truly unparalleled.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Trends can change with the wind. Needs differ by industry. We stay on top of what’s relevant and offer our clients and partners options to fit any aesthetic, function and price-point. We thoroughly vet all our partners to ensure we present only viable solutions for our clients.

Some of Products We Love...

Your Own Personal Shopper

Choosing ancillary furniture can be challenging. With hundreds of makers + manufacturers on the market. We can help.

Our Ancillary Specialist and your Personal Shoppers. They have spent their time in the industry cultivating relationships and familiarity with hundreds of manufacturers, in order to help you find products with the best mix of lead- time, options and pricing.

Their depth and range of furniture knowledge is extensive and consistently growing with the market. Constant research is what drives their understanding of current trends broadening their range and ability to offer the best products that accurately reflect your company’s culture. At the core of their role, their purpose is to meet your needs in three crucial ways: aesthetic, budget and lead-time.


Our Ancillary Specialist works directly with the client in order to understand budget and adhere to it when choosing pieces. Years of experience in the interior design and furniture industries have given our specialists the chance to build relationships with manufacturers, which proves vital in obtaining the lowest possible pricing in the purchasing process.


After thorough research, our specialists will offer up design concept packages with ancillary pieces we believe would be the right fit for the office’s aesthetic utilizing our database of knowledge in furniture, fabric and finish. Whether there is a clear vision or greater guidance is required, they are there to work with the client to find the right furniture solution that accurately captures the workspace’s environment and culture through pieces with personality.

Lead Times

As the liaison between our project team and the manufacturer, they will have a constant eye on the process in order to ensure products arrive on time to meet project deadlines. They will also assist in product selection based on deadlines specified by the client.

“ With years of ancillary expertise and a team of dedicated specialists with backgrounds in design, we fold seamlessly into the larger project team and can help identify, evaluate and vet various product options for every area of the workspace—saving our design firm partners countless hours and our clients real dollars.”

Kayla Hodge
Ancillary Team Lead

Our Team

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Ancillary Specialist

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Ancillary Manager

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