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Welcome to Tangram

We create curated destinations that empower people to work, learn + heal. Simply put, we make amazing workspaces.

Tangram and our partners help you create and maintain an engaging workplace that adapts as your company evolves.

In the office, successful organizations are providing people with a diverse range of spaces that support different types of work. We understand that the workplace is constantly evolving and the needs of each person is different.

At our core, we believe in creating great employee experiences by thinking about people, technology and place as a single holistic ecosystem.

People are at the center of everything we do. In today’s marketplace, productive employees need an ecosystem of interrelated places and devices to support the different stages and activities of everyday work.

Over the years, we have nurtured a collaborative and people-focused culture. Why? Because we believe people fuel innovation. That culture has led to the organic growth of five business units which complement our core furniture offerings: flooring, fabrication, custom furniture, move management and audio visual technology.

By working closely with you, our hope is to unlock human promise by transforming work, worker and workplace. We have purpose built our organization to support you every step of the way.


At our core, we believe in creating great employee experiences by thinking about people, technology and place as a single holistic ecosystem.

The foundation for our work is a very simple idea. The more true value for the user, the more true value for the business. And true value for the user can only be achieved through great experiences. This is the core of our approach – taking products and services from a relevant idea and usable solution to a desirable product and prodigious experience. That is what we do.

The Tangram experience is a chain of events, products and interactions in synergy with one another. What happens before you purchase your furniture, flooring or technology? What happens afterward? What happens in between? And how can the organization and internal systems support that? Only a synchronized ecosystem can deliver true service excellence to the customer. That’s why our approach is two-fold, both crafting every touch point and designing the intangible experience as a whole.

We collaborate with clients as a creative partner to create and manage interior environments that enhance the client’s brand and culture through the expert integration of technology, furniture, construction trades, and service solutions. In this process, we adapt the customer’s perspective to design for their brand and culture. And equally important, we help our clients manage resources and processes behind the scenes so the end result is not only enjoyable, but fiscally responsible.
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Tangram is pleased to announce that we have acquired BKM Total Office of Texas, expanding into the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex,.

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