Tangram DTLA Falkbuilt Walls

Tangram DTLA Falkbuilt Walls
Los Angeles, CA
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Project Team:

Our Downtown Los Angeles showroom recently underwent a light construction facelift with the addition of a Falkbuilt McNally solid wall and a Falkbuilt Kai glass wall, featuring a framed pin hinge door and a framed sliding door. In a short three days (including staging and clean up), our space went from having no rooms to two fully operational rooms, something that can’t be achieved through conventional construction.

Our designers on the project, Meg Moussamih, TCT Designer +Estimator, and Cassie Stepanek, Studio Other Design Manager, collectivelyworked hard to ensure they were contributing to the environment of the existing space.

We didn’t want to just put up walls to create two rooms—we wanted two rooms that exist as individual concepts and work together with the rest of the showroom, all the while telling the Falkbuilt story, explains Moussamih.

Falkbuilt installation is unique because it only requires one group of people to create a completed space. Our installers installed a wall that is parallel to conventional construction in its most basic form, but requires far less trades and time. This was especially valuable in this context because our showroom carried on as an active working environment throughout construction. Therefore, we needed the space to remain dust free with minimal staging space—something that we were able to achieve through Falkbuilt.

The largest challenge was ensuring that the new walls seamlessly coexisted with the millwork and furniture in the private office to avoid them appearing like a second thought. This challenge was overcome thanks to the level of customization available through Falkbuilt.

There are hundreds of finishes to select, along with dozens of wall layouts, power configurations, technology integrations and door types,” says Moussamih. “We’re only showing a small glimpse of all of Falkbuilt’s offerings.

One of these offerings includes a recessed touchscreen monitor. This allows our salespeople to access Falkbuilt documents and videos while the client is existing in the product, helping tell an all-encompassing Falkbuilt story while demonstrating their technological capabilities.

Next time you’re in the area, stop by our showroom so you can experience Falkbuilt solutions firsthand—we’ll even let you open the wall and see what’s inside!

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